Utility Box Public Art Project

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The Rancho Bernardo Community Council has been granted permission by SDG&E to paint artwork on the utility boxes in our community (A very special 'thank you' to Pro-Tech Painting - www.Pro-techpainting.com - for donating all the paint). If you are interested in placing your artwork on one of our utility boxes, please read the guidelines/contract below and then submit your proposed artwork for consideration to: Admin@RBCommunityCouncil.com or mail it to:

Rancho Bernardo Community Council
12463 Rancho Bernardo Road, #523
San Diego, CA 92128-2143

Artist Guidelines/Contract Information

1) Artists will submit proposed artwork: Artists will submit a colored draft to the email address or mailing address listed above. Include renderings for both the proposed front and two side panels. If approved, the artwork painted on the utility box must match the draft submitted.

2) Artists will receive notification of proposed artwork: A committee from the Rancho Bernardo Community Council will review the artwork in a timely fashion and respond to the artist with either a rejection, suggestions to alter the work to better fit into the community, or an acceptance of the proposal.

3) If artist is accepted: A particular box will be assigned to each artist. Instructions will include the location and the SDG&E identification number of the utility box. The artist must paint that particular box and the paint must be oil based. The Rancho Bernardo Community Council has paint generously donated by Pro-Tech Painting (www.pro-techpainting.com) which artists are welcome to use. Artists must use their own brushes and materials. Before painting, the artist should prep the box with a wire brushing or steel wool to remove grime and rusty debris. The artist will paint the box within two (2) months of receiving notice, unless there are extenuating circumstances (rain/health issues).

4) Rules: The design must be artistic and may not promote any Race, Color or Creed, Individual, Group, or Religion and the identification numbers and decals may not be painted over. The art should represent our specific community. No words should be included in the artwork. The artist may sign their name discretely on the box. The box is the property of the utility company and at any time they can remove or replace the box at their discretion.

5) The Artist is a volunteer: The artist agrees to perform all work as a volunteer with no compensation. The artist works at his/her own risk. The Rancho Bernardo Community Council will not be held responsible in case of injury to the artist. The artist waives all rights/ownership and the artwork may be used for publicity purposes.

6) The sunset clause: The Rancho Bernardo Community Council reserves the right to paint over the artwork at their sole discretion. For example, it will be painted over if the artwork does not match the proposed draft, if the artwork is not executed in a professional manner, or if the artwork is damaged. Artwork may be painted over to allow other artists to create new work or for other various reasons.

Once the artwork has been approved, the Rancho Bernardo Community Council will send the artist a contract to sign.