Battery Recycling Adhoc Committee

TThe Rancho Bernardo Community Council set up a temporary Battery Recycling Ad hoc Committee back in 2008 to address the need of battery recycling opportunities in our community. The information below is a brief history of the ad hocs efforts: The State of California passed an ordinance on February 9, 2006 making it illegal to throw away dead batteries (along with electronics, fluorescent bulbs and thermostats) in the trash. However, the City of San Diego has not made it easy for people to recycle dead batteries. The only recourse most residents have is to make an appointment with the Kearny Mesa recycling center on a Saturday to bring old batteries down to recycle. This is extremely inconvenient for most residents, especially those who cannot/do not drive on the freeway or, with the high cost of gas these days, do not want to make the long drive down to the recycling center.

After much research done by the Ad Hoc Battery Recycling Committee, the Rancho Bernardo Community Council is taking its first step in helping the community 'go green' by offering battery recycling events. The first event on September 13, 2008 coincided with a Community Clean Up Event which was coordinated by one of the Community Council members through the city of San Diego's Environmental Services Department. The Rancho Bernardo Community Council's Battery Recycling Committee collected over 430 pounds of batteries.

The second recycling event, which took place on February 7, 2009, was coinciding with an E-waste community recycling event, co-sponsored by the Rancho Bernardo Community Council, Councilmember Carl DeMaio and Recycle San Diego. See the flyer below for more details.

For more details on this adhoc committee, please contact Robin Kaufman at

Battery Recycling Adhoc Committee - Annual Report - March, 2009

The Rancho Bernardo Community Council's Battery Recycling/E-Waste event on August 21, 2010 was a huge success.

Approximately 1,200 pounds of batteries were recycled at the event, along with approximately 5,000 pounds of electronic waste material.

We would like to thank the Rancho Bernado Recreation Council and Electronic Waste Recycling of San Diego for supporting this event.

The Rancho Bernardo Community Council offered the community another battery recycling and e-waste event on Saturday, August 21, 9 am through 2 pm in the upper parking lot of the Rancho Bernardo Community Park, 18448 West Bernardo Drive.

The following items will be accepted at the drop off:

household and hearing aid batteries (non-akaline)
Fax Machines
Cell Phones
Plasma Screens
LCD Screens
Computer Towers
Stereo Systems
Power Cords/Strips
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
DVD Players
Car Batteries
Video Game Systems

The Rancho Bernardo Community Council is pleased to announce that The Home Depot store located in Carmel Mountain (12185 Carmel Mountain Road) is working with the Rancho Bernardo Community Council in encouraging residents to recycle their dead batteries by bringing them to the store. The battery recycling bin is located by inside the entrance of the store.

The Rancho Bernardo Community Council's Battery Recycling/E-Waste event on February 7, 2009 was a huge success. Approximately 1,000 pounds of batteries were recycled at the event, along with the following:

Miscellaneous e-waste: 12,689 pounds
Pounds of CRTs: 9,261
Pounds of CPUs: 4,106
Pounds of Electronics: 25,056

The Battery Recycling Committee would like to thank Recycle San Diego , Councilmember DeMaio, and Casa de las Companas for supporting this event.

We are pleased to announce there will be another recycling event on February 7th, 2009. The RB Community Council will be co-sponsoring this event.

We will post updates on the event as we get more information.

It is time to start saving your small household batteries for this event.

Andrea Thomas
Chair, Battery Recycling

The community wide battery recycling event which took place on Saturday, September 13th, 2008 was a great success.

Volunteers from the Battery Recycling Committee, along with several Community Council members, collected a total of 431 pounds of batteries. This included the batteries collected at our pilot programs set up at the Seven Oaks Community Center and the Oaks North Community Center. All the batteries collected were generously accepted, free of charge, by Jeffrey Harding at Recycle San Diego in Kearny Mesa.

Possible future battery recycling programs in the community are being discussed by this committee.