May, 2018:

A delay with the wall installation along the Mercardo portion of the project has occurred as the steel pylon installations were slightly off course and are in need of adjustment. New beams are on order and a new plan is being reviewed by the City. A new target completion date for this portion of the project is the end of August. In the meantime, various plants have been put in place along the RB Rd/Bernardo Center Drive corner by the gas station

12/22/17 - Serving the Community - Improvements Along Rancho Bernardo Road Corridor:

The Rancho Bernardo Community Council's Public Safety Committee along with the Rancho Bernardo Planning Board's Traffic Committee have reached out to Caltrans and the City in regard to proposed updates/improvements along Rancho Bernardo Road between Bernardo Center Drive and West Bernardo Road. The following is planned for 2018:

The City of San Diego (City) plans to pave this segment of Rancho Bernardo Road in 2018. Caltrans is coordinating with the City to implement signing and striping improvements along the interchange to provide safe and accessible facilities for all users, including bicyclists and pedestrians.

Given recent development in the area (Sharp Rees-Stealy and Palomar College), Caltrans is looking at still other striping/signing alternatives for the on-ramp to alleviate traffic congestion.

Update as of December 1st, 2017 - We apologize for the delay. We post as soon as we receive these notices:

Week of 11/27/17:
- No activity this week
- New demo lines have been marked out by PDC

Week of 12/4/17
- New demo pave 12/4 - 12/9
- MGI crew will be onsite to demo and grade parking lot and finish the excavation and base installation at the corner where the old signal ole was located.
- Base pave phase 1 in front of gas station (possible night work).

Week of 12/11/17
- Move fence to phase 2 (night work)
- Start clearing and grubbing and demo for phase 2

Week of 12/18/17
- Start installation of retaining wall in phase 2
- SDGE will mobilize AM Ortega to start trenching for SDGE pedestal and transformer relocation. They can work simultaneously with DMI.

Water service CC Approved
- Schilling to start as soon as cost is approved
- Target start date 12/11 for Bernardo Center work
- Completion date of 1/5/18 - RTF curbs/sidewalk + pave

Week of 7/24/2017
Schilling start trench for SDGE on 7/24 and complete by 7/26
SDGE crew onsite 7/27 to relocate gas line. Expecting 2 days for completion
Pour curb and gutter along Rancho Bernardo side by gas station

Week of 7/31/2017
SDGE will move back in to lower existing vault lids to street grade on 8/1. 2-3 days to finish

Week of 8/7/2017
MGI moves in to excavate and prep subgrade
HMS will start relocations​

Week of 8/14/2017:
HMS continue relocations
Subgrade prep will begin this week as well. Once subgrade prep is complete HMS will run crossing to edge of fence line

Week of 8/21/2017:
Finish grade and base pave
HMS will complete work at the corner and switch signal to new power pole
Set fence to phase 2 and start demo, clearing and grubbing

Update as of June 12, 2017 - refer to this link:

April 20, 2017:

Current 3-week look ahead:

· Week of 4/17: AM Ortega (SDGE Sub) should be finished by weeks end.

· Week of 4/24: MGI to start additional demo and take R-values

· Week of 5/1: Start Making Curb/sidewalk grade & HMS move in 2nd week of May to start relocations.

Additional info:

· The SDGE gas line conflict on Bernardo Center is in redesign. The Right Turn lane SB will remain closed but the through lane that is currently closed will be re-opened in the interim. This work will be moved to a later phase so MGI can still move forward with completing the widening in front of the gas station.

March 15, 2017:

Update on RB Rd. widening project as Wednesday, March 15, 2017:
The work crew had to perform some additional unknown demo for SDGE crew. Much of the work is hand work so residents probably won't see much for a week or so.

MGI will take R-values to figure out the road section during the SDGE work.

There was an SDGE gas line located in the future location of the storm drain box which location differed from pre-design pothole data. The contractor is working with SDGE to see if they can relocate. Therefore, Bernardo Center Drive will remain closed as the contractor does additional investigation.

SDGE's subcontractor are now, and will continue, working behind fence on demo, appurtenance relocation, etc. for the next month.

February 17, 2017:
The south bound turn lane on Bernardo Center Drive by the Mobil gas station will be closed for approximately three months to install the storm water vaults that will run along with the SDGE work. This time frame is pending on the weather which could modify the strategy as this is a low collection point.

February 13, 2017:

3 Week Look Ahead BMR Reimbursable Project

T-40 Rancho Bernardo Rd.: North Side/South Side

Week of 2/13/17
-Restripe Lane lines
-Set construction fence
-MGI set to do demo and take R-Values

Week of 2/20/17
-Give site to SDGE in order to relocate facilities. Approx 2 months
-Demo South side and take R-Values

Week of 2/23/17
-Continue SDGE work on north side

February 6, 2017:
This is the first of a series of updates pertaining to the project. The Rancho Bernardo Community Council will post (weekly) updates on this project both on our facebook page, website and The Planning Board will place updates on their website.

The project will begin the week of February 13, 2017. If there are no issues, they foresee the project lasting 6-7 months. Since they are dealing with a tremendous amount of gas, electrical and cable lines that have to be either moved or shut off and new lines be installed, unforeseen delays will most likely occur. This would be similar to when remodeling your home. Your contractor may inform you that it will take a certain amount of time, but due to various issues, it generally lasts longer.

This is the same company who is working on the West Bernardo Dr. widening project by the community park. The two phases of that project were to be completed by November 30th. It is now February 7 and they are still at work, due to unforeseen delays.

This project will be widening both sides of RB Rd. from Bernardo Center Drive to the freeway overpass. Portions of the Mobil gas station property and the Mercado property will be removed for the widening. A new sidewalk will be added. The Mercado will have a new retaining wall and plants. The Mobil gas station will have new plants and trees.

The same will occur on the other side. When completed, there will be three lanes on both sides, instead of two, to accommodate traffic. The median will not be impacted.

At this point, they envision that both lanes in both directions will be utilized by traffic. They will be narrowing each lane to 11 feet each to accommodate their work. 18 wheelers may have difficulty making turns if they are going south on Bernardo Center Drive and want to turn east onto RB Rd, so signs will be placed there directing them to other routes. We have also asked that the construction company notify Souplantation, the Hilton and other business in that area, so that they can inform their delivery companies that the trucks will need to go straight on Bernardo Center Drive until they reach the freeway as opposed to turning right onto RB Rd to get to the freeway.

This is a project the City deemed that was needed in the community. No City funds are being utilized for this project. All funds are being paid through the Black Mountain Ranch project. Any such projects are required to give funds or complete projects that are needed. Since some of their traffic will impact RB, the City deemed this to be a project that needed to be done.

The local weekly paper was invited to attend the meeting last evening and to write a full article on the project. A request was made that the project manager share weekly updates with the Rancho Bernardo Community Council and Planning Board so that both entities can keep the community apprised of the work.