RB Community Council Election Process - Deadline to file April 30, 2021:

Are you ready to make a difference in our community? Are you concerned about our utility bills, our streets, public safety, and other issues impacting Rancho Bernardo? Are you 18years or older? Have you lived in Rancho Bernardo for at least six (6) months? Can you attend at least one (1) of our full board meetings before June, 2021?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then you are a perfect candidate for the Rancho Bernardo Community Council(RBCC). The RBCC is a twenty member volunteer organization with members representing each of our seven districts within Rancho Bernardo. The RBCC deals with quality of life issues such as maintaining our RB Welcome sign, medians, public safety, code compliance, government relations, traffic, utilities, graffiti and many other issues that affect our residents every day. We often act as the liaison between government entities and the community. Some of the projects that the RBCC has been involved in are the initiation of Fire Station33 renovations, utility box painting, battery recycling, CPR training, AED initiatives, hearing aid initiatives, recent utility bill issues, upgrading of medians and more. The RBCC organizes education presentations such as stranger danger, scams, coping with coyotes, cyber bulling, various town hall meetings, etc. Some of the fun events that the RBCC organizes for the community include the chalk it up event, safety fair, earth day fair, patriotic pet contest, hot cocoa with Santa, Parade of giving, Halloween event and more

We encourage those who are interested to attend our April 1 or May 6 meeting, 6:30 pm as candidates must attend at least one full board meeting prior to elections in June. Due to COVID-19 all our meetings are conducted via Zoom. If you are interested in becoming a member of the RBCC, please download the declaration of candidacy form - here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GXvPstkMJUzPoxevHmJq0fN9lziJX-ms/view . You can also contact one of the Election Committee Co-Chairs:
Jill Felland: JillReimer1379@yahoo.com
Laurie Madsen: MadsenLaurie@yahoo.com, or
Robin Kaufman: Admin@RBCommunityCouncil.com who will email you the form. Deadline for filing the application is April 30, 11:59 pm. If mailing in the application through the United States Postal Service, it must be postmarked no later than April 30th