Community Council Elections - Voting Information (deadline June 26, 2020)

Due to these unique times, and the concerns for social distancing, the Rancho Bernardo Community Council (RBCC) will be conducting this year's elections in June via mail-in ballots only. Ballots must be returned to the Election Committee by US Mail ONLY and the sealed ballot return envelope must contain the voter's full address and must be signed by the voter.

Mail-in Ballots MUST be postmarked by 11:59 pm, June 26, 2020. Election results will be announced during our July 2, 2020 full Council meeting.

There is only one (1) contested race this year - District A. This includes all of Westwood, Westwood Valley, Waterbridge, and Casa de las Campanas. Those eligible to vote are any residents 18 years or older who live in District A. Residents who live in districts other than District A cannot vote in this election.

Ballots may be requested by email or US Mail. Each individual who would like to vote must request their own mail-in ballot. Ballot requests must include the first and last name of the individual requesting the ballot along with the individual’s complete mailing address so that our election committee can either drop off or mail the ballot to you. Ballots are not sent via email.

To confirm, anyone 18 years or older who lives in District A is eligible to vote. To request a mail-in ballot by email, please contact one of our election committee members:

Mike Maiorano:

Rhianna Bruno:

Tom Lettington:

For this election, completed ballots MUST be postmarked no later than 11:59 pm, June 26, 2020 and mailed US Mail to:

Rancho Bernardo Community Council
12463 Rancho Bernardo Road, #523
San Diego, CA 92128